San Francisco Giants Top Prospect Already Impressing in First Big League Camp

Salem-Keizer Volcanoes catcher Joey Bart (46) -(James Snook-Spokane Indians baseball)

When the San Francisco Giants drafted catcher Joey Bart second overall in 2018, the excitement around the organization was palpable. Top draft picks had been few and far between since the days of Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, Buster Posey, Madison Bumgarner and Brandon Crawford. Suddenly, the farm system would have a bit of buzz around it. A star player would be developing for San Francisco.

In 52 games in the Giants minor league system, Bart did not disappoint. He hit .294/.364/.588 with 13 home runs.  He is almost certainly on the fast track to the bigs, but will need additional at bats and time in the minors before he’s considered big league ready. That said, it will be fun to watch Bart during San Francisco’s spring training games this season.

“Very good mechanics,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy told’s Mario Guardado. “Strong arm. I think he has a good setup behind the plate. He’s a physical guy. You’ve seen the size of him. No question, he’s going to be able to handle the workload behind the plate over a long season. And the power. It’s impressive when you look at how the ball comes off his bat.”

Bart’s first camp will be especially interesting because it’s Bochy’s last. Both catchers, both big (and I mean BIG… Bart is 6’3″, 220 lbs., and Bochy is 6’3″ 205 lbs.), both… well, I was going to say both Southern guys (Bart is from Georgia), but, according to Baseball Reference, Bochy was actually born in France! In any case, the two are similar specimens, and it will be cool to see what nuggets of baseball wisdom Bart picks up from the Hall of Fame bound Bochy.

“He’s eager to learn,” Bochy said. “You watch him, he listens. He wants to take in everything. He will get some playing time here, and I look forward to watching him. I love the way he’s carrying himself.”

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