Steph Curry on the Heels of Ray Allen

On September 6th 2018, Ray Allen received his jacket as a member of the 2018 Class in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Ray Allen is noted as one of the greatest shooters of all-time. In 2011, he broke Reggie Miller’s record for 3-pointers made in a career. Allen eventually totaled 2,973 3-pointers made over the span of his 20-season career.

The Golden State Warriors are in great shape in this age of the NBA. The Warriors have become the team to beat, winning back-to-back NBA championships during the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 seasons after the acquisition of Kevin Durant. Prior to the Durant era, the Warriors were primarily dependent on the two-headed dragon of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson to lead the scoring crusade. Steph Curry was a member of the 2009 draft class. Coming out as a senior from Davidson College, his draft stock dipped due to questions about his athleticism and his ability to keep up with the pace of NBA game. NBA back offices misjudged his NCAA scoring title as simply a product of being a good scorer in a mid-major program. Prospects clearly misjudged him, because his style of play sets the tone for the pace of how the NBA game is played. Curry is a lethal sharp-shooter, and the number of 3-pointers he makes climbs each game he plays. The Warriors have mastered this fast-paced style of play, and it is bolstered by the sheer number of threats they have on offense.

Steph Curry vs. Ray Allen | October 2018 Player Comparison | Thomas Lipner

(Steph Curry vs. Ray Allen | October 2018 Player Comparison | Thomas Lipner)

Player Season Age Games 3PM/Game 3PA/Game 3PM 3PA 3PFG%
Ray Allen 20 40 1,300 2.33 5.90 2973 7429 40.02%
Steph Curry 10 30 630 3.43 7.86 2162 4943 43.74%


During this 2018-2019 season, Steph Curry is on a team that pushes the pace of the game, and he has a remarkable 40% 3-point field goal percentage, so it is only a matter of time before he surpasses Ray Allen as the most decorated 3-point shooter of all time. When you look at some of the greatest shooters, most were versatile players who became 3-point specialists when their athleticism wore off due to getting older. Ray Allen is a prime example of this. During Ray Allen’s rookie season, he participated in the Slam Dunk contest, and players feared his ability to attack the rim. Today, Steph Curry’s quick first step and his quick release make him a consistent threat whenever he is on the floor. Steph Curry is still in the prime of his career at 30 years of age, and so far, it seems as if he has not missed a step. In addition, he has threats all around him so the burden of scoring all the Warriors’ points is not weighing on him season after season.

Steph Curry vs. Ray Allen | 20 Season Projected Comparison |Thomas Lipner

(Steph Curry vs. Ray Allen | 20 Season Projected Comparison | Thomas Lipner)

Steph Curry has the potential to shatter Ray Allen’s scoring records because (barring any major injury), Curry has the potential to play into his 40’s due to his innate ability to shoot the basketball. If he ever loses his quick first step, he will not lose his ability to shoot long-range shots over defenders. As many great shooters like Ray Allen, Kyle Korver, and Marco Belinelli have experienced, teams will always hire a shooter. Shooters do not go without jobs in the NBA because you always need a guy who can hit 3-pointers as a quick source of points. Teams will jump at the chance of signing Stephen Curry, not only because of his shooting ability, but also his leadership experience with the Golden State Warriors. Many can guarantee he will be at the top of all shooting categories once it is all said and done, in addition to a set of rings to go along with it.


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