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Three Big Names Worth Trading for in Your Fantasy League

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LeVeon Bell, RB
Obviously, Bell has yet to play, but it is rumored he will return after the Steelers bye week. Whether he actually does return to Pittsburgh remains to be seen, but trading for Bell is completely situational. If the team that has him in your league is struggling, they more than likely would be willing to part ways with him for someone who can help now. If you’re a team that’s off to a good start, you may be able to afford giving up some pieces for a LeVeon Bell investment. If Bell ends up traded, that may make the investment even more worth it. If you’re struggling and still looking to make the playoffs, trading for LeVeon Bell is a bit risky unless you’re in a keeper league.

Doug Baldwin, WR
Doug Baldwin’s value may very well be at its lowest point since he became Russell Wilson’s favorite option. He’s had an injury-riddled start to the season, and in week five only caught one pass… on one target. Still, he’s been the most consistent receiver in the Seahawks offense for the past three seasons and, as I mentioned, has better chemistry with Wilson than any of his other options. While it was said after the game that Baldwin’s lack of targets had nothing to do with his injury, I still believe he will be more integrated in the offense in weeks to come, and still has WR1 potential. Trading for Baldwin right now will be easier than it has ever been, and has a chance for a large payoff without having to part ways with one of your centerpieces.

LeSean McCoy, RB
If you’re in need for a running back that won’t cost too much at the moment and has big game potential, McCoy is the perfect fit. You won’t need to give up nearly as much as you would in a deal for LeVeon Bell, and the likelihood of McCoy being traded at the deadline is higher at this point. That potential trade is what can skyrocket McCoy’s value. If he were to be dealt to a playoff contender (the hot name right now is Philadelphia), it completely changes his outlook. Right now, the Bills can’t establish a consistent passing attack, and McCoy’s production is taking a hit because of it. On a more balanced team, defenses would not be able to focus solely on Shady, which would benefit his numbers greatly. That being said, it’s tough to bank on a player being traded, but even if he stays in Buffalo, his volume still keeps him in flex conversation which is enough of a payoff for his low cost.

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