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The Cubs Might Want to Stop Trading with the Yankees

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While watching the first two games of the Yankees-Cubs series, it was hard not to notice a recurring pattern.

The Yankees took the first two games, and it seemed that many of the key contributors were once members of the opposing team. Starlin Castro raked in both games, Adam Warren pitched a scoreless inning and a third with three k’s and Aroldis Chapman got a save after receiving his Cubs World Series ring just a few hours prior. This prompted me to take a look at the last few trades between these two clubs, and it’s safe to say the Yankees have gotten the better end of the stick.

2013: Yankees receive Alfonso Soriano & cash for Corey Black
A deal made just a few days before the deadline, Soriano waived his no-trade clause to come full-circle returning to New York, and got re-acclimated pretty quickly. He hit 17 home runs, which matched his total with the Cubs in the first half, but in 35 less games. He also had just one less RBI in that same span, and drew six more walks. The Cubs essentially wanted to get rid of some salary, which is understandable. However, when you consider what the Yanks got out of Soriano and add in the fact that Corey Black still has yet to reach the majors, it’s easy to say New York won the deal.

2015: Yankees receive Starlin Castro for Brendan Ryan and Adam Warren
Castro’s days with the Cubs were numbered. With Javier Baez and Addison Russell breathing down his neck, and Starlin’s offensive numbers turning from perennial All-Star level to mediocre, it was only a matter of time before he was shipped off. At this point though, the Cubs might be regretting this deal. In Castro’s first year in pinstripes, he hit a career-high 21 home runs and to start off this year, he leads the American League with a .381 batting average and 43 hits. To go along with that, he went 2-4 in his first game facing the Cubs two days ago, and 3-4 with a home run and a walk yesterday.

2016: Yankees receive Gleyber Torres, Adam Warren & two minor leaguers for Aroldis Chapman
I’m sure if you asked any Cub fan, they’d do this deal again in a heartbeat, and I completely agree. That doesn’t mean the Yankees didn’t win the deal, though. Torres, who was the 17th overall prospect in all of baseball, is now the number two prospect on the same list. He’s currently slashing .297/.392/.438 in AA, and has a chance of being called up late this year depending on how the Yankees season goes. Even if he doesn’t get the call this year, he will be up in the near future, and is looking like one of baseball’s next bright stars. Not to mention, the Yankees ended up re-signing Chapman to a long-term deal this offseason anyway.

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