Why this is the Year for Matt Ryan

(Mandatory Credit: Dan Powers/USA Today)

All-Pro quarterback Matt Ryan has emerged beyond perceived potential this year, exhibiting the attributes of a true league MVP. He passed for nearly 5,000 yards, facilitated an offensive powerhouse alongside Julio Jones, and ultimately led his team to Super Bowl LI in Houston. Ryan has shown incredible poise throughout the season keeping a cool head with playoff-ready head coach Dan Quinn. In Quinn’s second year in Atlanta he brings along his playoff experience as well as his powerful Super Bowl winning defensive scheme.

Quinn undoubtedly pushed Ryan, motivating him for the challenging- yet rewarding-season. Quinn put forth the challenge to Ryan to break through to “the next step” in relation to his level of play at the position. When coming towards the end of the season Quinn comfortably sits back admitting that Ryan “totally owned that challenge”. Both Ryan and Quinn are far from satisfied with where the Falcons stand currently. Expectedly both men admitted the season wouldn’t feel like a success without a Super Bowl ring.

Quinn is beyond excited to see Matt Ryan continue to overcome what most critics considered to be his major downfall. It was said at this point last year that Matt Ryan couldn’t win in the playoffs. He wasn’t clutch. He chokes. He couldn’t handle pressure. Today, with Dan Quinn positioned at the helm, in weeks after Atlanta dismantled the defenses of two playoff write-ins we can stand assured that Matt Ryan and that high-powered offense means business in the playoffs. Even with such success, when asked about Ryan’s work ethic upcoming to the big game Coach Quinn admits “He’s very locked in to getting ready” and “he continues to find things to improve his game.”

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