Weeks of Failure Secure Colin Kaepernick the 49ers’ Starting Role

San Francisco 49ers

The first step to overcoming a problem is acknowledging there is one, right? Well it seems the San Francisco 49ers have finally realized Blaine Gabbert isn’t the answer, and they intend to bring “all-too-popular” Colin Kaepernick off the bench.

Good riddance too, because whatever excellence Gabbert achieved last season has long since left him. As starter, Gabbert has gone for 890 yards in 87 completions for five touchdowns and six interceptions.

“It’s extremely frustrating,” Gabbert said after the 49ers’ Thursday Night Football loss to the Arizona Cardinals. “I let this team and this organization down tonight, and did not play good whatsoever and that’s on me. I had two crucial turnovers there that led to points for the Cardinals, and that was the difference in the game right there. I’ve got to do a better job protecting the football and leading this team to scoring more points and winning games.”

Despite bringing in Chip Kelly with the hopes of revitalizing the franchise, the 49ers are shaping up for another Jim Tomsula season. They haven’t won a game since their season debut against the Los Angeles Rams. They rank last in the NFC West with a 1-4 record.

“I think we’re going to look at everything,” Kelly said.  “I mean, we’re 1-4. We need to make sure we’re going out there and giving us the best chance to win, so we’re going to look at everything.”

But brining in Kaepernick won’t necessarily set new momentum for the season. Clearly the Niners’ fan-base isn’t too pleased with how the season has gone so far, especially since the ‘We Want Kap!’ chant started up after Thursday’s loss. And if they’re lucky, Kaepernick will take the field with a vengeance, like the super star kid he was years ago when he superseded Alex Smith. There’s no denying Kaepernick is certainly capable of doing just that.

It all really boils down to the fact that the 49ers need a change; and now is as good a time as any to try it.

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