San Francisco Giants Find Offensive Groove to Support Johnny Cueto for the Win

San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants managed to keep their playoff hopes alive with a 7-2 win over the Colorado Rockies on Thursday night. The wild card race is tighter than ever, as the New York Mets only hold the first place spot by one game over the Giants. Similarly, the St. Louis Cardinals only trail the Giants by one game. Luckily for the Giants, their bats actually came alive to earn them the series against the Rockies, while simultaneously keeping the Cardinals at bay.

“The game didn’t start that great for us we went down two runs,” said Giants’ manager Bruce Bochy. “It’s exciting it’s been like this for a while, it’s playoff baseball before they start that’s how it is right now.”

Right-hander Johnny Cueto managed his 18th win of the season, thanks to a stellar performance on both sides of the ball. He went for nine hits, two runs, and 11 strikeouts in seven innings. It’s typical of Cueto to pitch for the win; but huge offensive plays from the pitcher are always fun to watch. And Cueto contributed to the score with a bunt in the 6th, which brought in two runners.

“After we took the lead I just got focused on what we needed to do and I forgot any pain that I was feeling,” said Cueto, who pitched for the first time since he suffered a groin injury last week. “The bunt was for me to move the runners up, but then when I saw that nobody was going to be able to get to the ball the I kind of sped up a little bit more to get to first base. I feel very relaxed and I have more confidence knowing that my teammates have my back.”

The Giants will face their other division rival Los Angeles Dodgers in a three-game regular season finale starting Friday September 30th. The Dodgers have already claimed the NL West, but that doesn’t mean the Giants have the series in the bag. In fact, these next three games are critical to the Giants’ advancement to October baseball – lose one, and it only helps the Cardinals make the playoffs.

“We certainly wish we were in a better position but you don’t stop fighting,” said Bochy. “We got down two runs…and we executed perfectly all night and that’s what it’s going to take. But we’ll keep fighting ‘til the end and we’ll see what happens.”

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