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Jacksonville Jaguars’ Blake Bortles Showing Signs of Regression

Blake Bortles doesn't seem to be the same player he was last season, when he set franchise records in passing yards and touchdowns. Logan Bowles/USA TODAY Sports

Blake Bortles was expected to take the next step in his development in his third year in the NFL, but to this point of the 2016 season this has not been the case. Bortles has seven turnovers and has not led the Jaguars offense to more than 23 points which has all contributed to their 0-3 start.

The Jaguars have pressure on themselves as the team has continued to add pieces the last few off seasons and hope to compete for a playoff spot. Bortles’ poor performance has put the Jaguars in a whole and fans may begin wondering if Bortles will ever be able to reach his potential.

Bortles is still confident in his abilities and believes the Jaguars and himself will be able to turn it around.

“For me, definitely [it has not wavered],” said Bortles. “I think continuing to get better [is what must happen]. Have to play better as a quarterback. Have to play better as an offense for this team to be successful.”

Head coach Gus Bradley is one of the coaches in this league that many are considering to be on he hot seat, but he came to the defense of his young quarterback and knows he can be better.

“He’s hurting,” said Bradley. “There’s no doubt about it. He puts a weight on his soldiers, like any quarterback. He’s going to be his worst critic. If there’s criticism, he’s going to accept that. He’s put a lot on himself now because he knows he wants to play better and give more to this team.”

In game four of the 2016 NFL season the Jaguars need a victory this Sunday if the team has any hope for the playoffs. The Jaguars will go as Bortles will go and he needs to stop these signs of regression immediately.

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