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Is Carson Wentz the Next Peyton Manning?

Philadelphia Eagles

The stars are aligning for the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite the drastic changes the franchise underwent mere days before season debut, it seems Sam Bradford’s departure for the Minnesota Vikings was a blessing in disguise. Rookie Carson Wentz has proven himself a reliable young quarterback. He’s put up big numbers against arguable the best and worst teams in the league, which has allowed the Eagles to remain undefeated heading into week four.

“The bottom line is we’ve gotta keep the main thing the main thing, and that’s football,” said Eagles’ head coach Doug Pederson of Wentz. “And he’s done a great job so far and I expect the same going forward.”

To date, Wentz has thrown for 796 yards in 66 completions for five touchdowns. He has yet to throw an interception, but he has been prone to fumbles – he’s given up three so far. But considering his rookie status, he’s excelled beyond all projection.

“He played like a freakin’ Hall of Famer,” said Steelers’ defensive end Cameron Heyward after suffering an unexpected 34-3 loss in Sunday’s game. “I don’t know how many passes he missed, but he managed the game, got the ball to his receivers, got the ball to the running backs.”

Heyward isn’t the only one ranking Wentz amongst the elite thanks to the first three weeks of his career.

“I hear him just even in the building talking to guys about plays and routes and protections. It’s Peyton Manning-ish,” Pederson said of his protege. “You hate to label — I don’t want to put labels on guys — but that’s how Peyton prepared, that’s how these top quarterbacks prepare each week. He has that now as a young quarterback, and that will just carry him throughout his career.”

Although there’s no denying Wentz has proven his worth to the franchise, it’s dangerous to place him amongst the elite so early. Any team can lose, on any given Sunday. We’ll see how he does as season progresses.

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