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Chicago Bears Prepare for Jay Cutler’s ‘Lengthy Absence’

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears are 0-2 for the season, and it’s likely only the beginning of a massive downward spiral. In their 29-14 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday September 19th, quarterback Jay Cutler suffered further aggravation to his right thumb, which has left him facing a “lengthy absence.” He exited Monday’s game after throwing an interception.

“I couldn’t get as much on it as I wanted to, to put it over the top of that ‘backer,” Cutler said of the interception. “It was unfortunate, hurt the team. I knew I was putting the team, especially the offense, in jeopardy at that point. … I knew my day was done.”

Unfortunately Cutler’s professional career hasn’t been smooth sailing – in fact he hasn’t completed a full season in the NFL since 2009. But that’s not to say he isn’t talented. In an 11 season career, Cutler has gone for 31,781 yards and 205 touchdowns.

“I kind of aggravated it early on,” said Cutler of his thumb injury. “My strength [limited me]; I couldn’t really grip the ball. So, that was obviously a big issue for me. I’m concerned, as a quarterback, you need your right thumb.”

Brian Hoyer is the only quarterback besides Cutler on the Bears’ 53-man roster. And while Cutler hasn’t necessarily demonstrated the best of his abilities since season start, there’s no denying his injury is something the Bears can’t afford.

Hoyer is notorious for his inconsistency. As former starter for the Houston Texans, Hoyer almost singlehandedly ensured the Texans’ demise in their 2015 wild card matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. In that game alone, he threw for four interceptions.

“If I do have to play, I’m gonna put the work in this week,” Hoyer said. “[Cutler’s injury] is tough, but it’s part of the game. That’s the way the cookie crumbles, I guess. Injuries are a part of the game, unfortunately. You just gotta hope that the next man up is ready to go.”

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