Santiago Casilla Blows 9th Game for San Francisco Giants this Season

San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants need all the wins they can get from here on out. They looked threatening to take game three against the St. Louis Cardinals. But the game was once again lost at the hands of the relief.

Right-hander Jeff Samardzija had good stuff in his six innings. He managed four strikeouts and gave up one homer for a 3.97 ERA. He left the game with the lead.

“I was excited for this game,” said Samardzija. “You know you’re going to get a great effort out of that other squad over there…so I just wanted to make sure I was on my A-game tonight. I felt good. It’s tough man especially when you’ve got a lot of guys pulling for each other and fighting for that outcome.

“Everybody’s out there doing what they can and sometimes it doesn’t go your way but you don’t let it stick with you, you don’t let it affect you, you turn the page and move on to tomorrow…we got another chance to win a ballgame.”

True to his word, Giants’ manager Bruce Bochy has been relying on his committee of relievers – the bullpen has been subject to change based on the batter. Clearly the objective is to win. But last nights’ pen rotation resulted in a loss at the hands of righty reliever Santiago Casilla, who has blown nine saves this season.

“We went with what I thought was the better matchup,” said Bochy postgame. “That’s a tough one I mean Samardzija threw great we played well it’s just tough luck there.”

Casilla came in after Sergio Romo give up a hit to Cardinals’ Yadier Molina. Casilla proceeded to give up a hit, a walk, a run, and the lead. He was booed off the field for the first time this year as the Giants lost 3-2 after keeping the lead until the 9th.

“I do my best…but I’m working toward pitching better,” said Casilla. “It’s the game, you have to keep working and [hopefully] we’ll win tomorrow.”

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