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Jared Goff Named Backup Quarterback for Los Angeles Rams’ Week Two

Los Angeles Rams

Case Keenum may still be the starter, but it was announced Friday that the Los Angeles Rams have made Jared Goff backup quarterback for Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks. Keenum’s season debut was pretty awful –  he didn’t manage a single touchdown in 138 yards, which lead to ten punt returns in 14 drives. Head coach Jeff Fisher is still adamant about activating Goff before he’s ready, but it seems the franchise isn’t entirely pleased with Keenum’s first performance.

“Whenever it’s time, it’s time,” said Goff after Monday’s game. “If it needs to happen early, it happens early. If it needs to happen a little bit later, it happens later. I’m just going to continue to trust him and to trust the process, and know that they have a really well-thought-out plan in place and I’m still a part of it.”

The Rams have their work cut out for them as they prepare to take on yet another division rival. And there’s no denying the Seahawks will be a tough team to beat. Despite suffering a sprained right ankle in week one, quarterback Russell Wilson will play against the Rams on Sunday. Which means the Rams o-line needs to be in tip top shape, or else suffer another blowout loss.

“I don’t think you can point to any one thing in particular,’’ Fisher said on the Rams’ season debut. “We just play and try to hang on. It’s always a tremendous challenge. … we just try to hang in there and see what happens.’’

Whether it’s Keenum or Goff in the starting role, the pressure will be on to make completions before taking major hits for Seattle’s defense – one which ranked second in the league last season. Let’s look at it this way. The Rams got shut out by the San Francisco 49ers on Monday, and the 49ers defense isn’t necessarily considered a threat to most. Now imagine Keenum against a top-rated defense. That’s not to say Goff could do any better, but it’s highly expected Keenum will be taking a lot of hits on Sunday.

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