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Is Jeff Fisher Ruining the Los Angeles Rams?

Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams showed their worst in game one against the San Francisco 49ers. We’ve known since preseason that head coach Jeff Fisher had no intention of starting Jared Goff at quarterback. But now it seems that might’ve been where he went wrong.

Case Keenum went in as starting quarterback and he was nothing short of terrible. He went for a 48.6 completion percentage, and only managed 130 passing yards for zero touchdowns and two interceptions – against the 49ers, whose defense ranked 29th in the league last year.

As a result of the loss, Fisher has become the third-place holder for most coaching losses in NFL history. He has a career record of 169-157, and it may just get worse if he keeps Keenum in the starting role.

And yet, it seems Fisher still isn’t willing to put Goff in the starting role. In fact, even after the loss, Fisher reiterated “Goff will one day be the starter but not until he is ready.”

But what is Fisher waiting for?

The Rams drafted Goff with the intention of his becoming their starter, their franchise quarterback. How is it that they can suffer a blowout loss and still not choose to activate Goff?

“He’s pushing along,” Fisher said of Goff. “This whole experience for Jared was good — not good for our team, but good for him to see all this. We’ll decide later in the week.”

Maybe it’s comparing apples and oranges, but every other rookie quarterback this season debuted their career in game one. They even found some form of success. Who’s to say the same won’t happen for Goff?

At least it’s only week two. Fisher obviously has some sort of hidden agenda, with the intention to succeed. Maybe Keenum’s game one was just an easily-fixed funk. We’ll have to wait and see.

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