Report: Rams Coaches Prefer Jared Goff at Starting QB

Jared Goff warms up before he faces the Denver Broncos. Mandatory Credit: Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

While it’s no secret the Los Angeles Rams laid an egg (literally) in their season opener Monday night against the 49ers, the team is still intending to roll with Case Keenum at quarterback.

Keenum, 28, who started his first career season opening game was absolutely atrocious. Throwing behind receivers and unnecessarily into tight coverage, Keenum had the worst QB rating (34.2) among starters in Week 1 and had the second worst completion percentage (48.6).

Nonetheless, head coach Jeff Fisher exhaustingly said after the tilt that despite Keenum’s putrid performance it “doesn’t change anything,” meaning No. 1 overall pick Jared Goff will remain the non-starter. There are some coaches that aren’t on the same page, however.

According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, some Rams coaches reportedly want Goff under center because he strengthens their odds at the end of the day.

“There are coaches on the staff who feel that quarterback Jared Goff may give the team a better chance,” Cole said. He would go on to say “the Rams will roll with Keenum for now, but the future is far from set.”

For a team that traded away a truckload to land him and are in the process of getting comfortable in their new home of Los Angeles, one would assume Goff, who became the first No. 1 overall pick to not start the first game out of the gate since JaMarcus Russell in 2007, would be holding the reins right from the get-go.

It seems now that there’s a lack of agreement amongst the Rams coaching staff, which isn’t a surprise given their efforts in San Francisco. At the moment, though, Keenum is still in and Goff is still out.

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