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Drew Brees and New Orleans Saints Talk Contract Extension


As time goes on, there are things that are consistent in life. The sun rising, paying taxes and Drew Brees passing for over 4,500 yards in a season. It looks like Mr. Consistency will be staying a Saint for the rest of his career. Adam Schefter broke the news this morning.

“Saints and Drew Brees expect to reach agreement on short-term contract extension by the end of the day,” Schefter tweeted this morning.

The 37-year-old Austin native is entering his 11th season in New Orleans and his final season of his latest major contract. That contract was worth $100 Million over five years. As pass catchers have come and gone, the thing that has stayed the same was Brees finding them and somehow making them better.

It will be interesting to see how the Saints approach this deal. Brees has been relatively healthy throughout his years in New Orleans, missing only two games in ten seasons. Unfortunately, one game was last season, with an injury that could affect his production as the years go on: a rotator cuff injury.

Despite some negatives, Drew Brees has been as steady as they come. The stats, they speak for themselves. Every year since 2006 he has thrown for 4,388 yards or more and has had a completion percentage of over 63%. Also last season, despite missing a game, he put up over 4,800 yards and was only intercepted 11 times in 15 games, something that seems hard to believe.

What people seem to overlook with the rising of guys like Cam Newton, Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck is the presence of a steady pocket QB who makes all of the right throws and the right time. To say that Drew Brees isn’t a top-7 quarterback in the league would simply be a lie.

The tricky part for the Saints is managing his contract situation. According to, Brees has made a point to make this deal as soon as possible.

“Brees has a self-imposed negotiating deadline of Sunday — the start of the regular season,” said Connor Orr of So, if something falls through from the recent Schefter report, there is a good chance Brees will struggle playing his last year of a contract earning $30 million for 2016-2017 season.

Still, at 37, it makes very little sense for New Orleans to not extend him to be a Saint for life. He makes everyone around him better and is a shoe-in for the 4,500 yards and 30 TDs with a below average receiving corp. Get it done.

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