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Injury Sidelines Jared Goff in Los Angeles Rams’ First Loss of Preseason

Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams have been in an adjustment period since they relocated. But they’ve rolled surprisingly well with the punches with their 2-1 preseason record. And not that preseason is entirely indicative of a teams’ regular season achievements, the Rams look equipped to handle the NFC West – at least better than they did last season.

“I thought there would be some things to learn from and there were,” said Rams’ head coach Jeff Fisher. “Also, some things to build on and there were. I was pleased with a number of things.”

Rookie quarterback Jared Goff is still in transition from collegiate to professional football. Although his future is set as the Rams franchise starter, for now he’s taking the time to hone his skills and improve with each game.

“I thought the quarterbacks took a step forward,” said Fisher. “Jared, even though the number weren’t great, I thought he did a really good job on the line of scrimmage. His poise, his confidence, took a big hit, came back, I thought he’s progressed since week one and week two. So, that’s a good thing to see.”

Against the Denver Broncos, Goff went for 45 yards in four completions with zero touchdowns before he exited the game with a bruised tailbone.

This is the second time since preseason start that Goff has exited a game due to injury. His pocket awareness isn’t quite where it needs to be – his levels of play are indicative of that. But still, that’s not to say he can’t learn. We’ve all seen growth since first game of preseason. Now it’s just a matter of Goff living up to the ridiculously high expectation that he becomes a franchise quarterback as soon as possible.

The Rams move on to take the Minnesota Vikings at home for the final game of preseason. It has already been established that Case Keenum will assume the starter roll for regular season start. Which means this is Goff’s last game he enters professional football at a whole new level.





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