San Francisco Giants May Stack Deck against Los Angeles Dodgers


The San Francisco Giants are in rut, which isn’t a good thing at this point in the season if only because they are headed to Los Angeles in less than a week to play the Dodgers, their division rivals. More importantly, they’re involved in a pennant race and need to play quality baseball, which the Giants have failed to do consistently since the All Star Break.

In anticipation for the upcoming series down South, San Francisco’s skipper is considering front loading his staff with his top three starters, Madison Bumgarner, Johnny Cueto and Matt Moore. This would require moving up fifth starter Matt Cain’s next start a day, something the Giants have been reticent to do all season.

The switch would be especially helpful because it would give Moore, a lefty, the chance to face a Dodger lineup with a lot of left handed pop. Corey Seager, Chase Utley, Adrian Gonzalez and Joc Pederson all hit from the left side.

The switch might also jumpstart the team and help them recapture some of their lost mojo.

“We better find a way to get out of this pretty soon,” Bochy said. “We know that.”

Cain, who threw four shutout innings on Wednesday before allowing six runs in the fifth, said that missing a start in LA would be tough, but that he understands his manager’s thought process.

“Those are big games in LA,” Cain said. “Those are the games that you looking forward to and compete in. But we’ve got to do whatever we’ve got to do right now. We’ve got to find ways to get back on the right track, start winning and get some mojo going.”

After being swept by the visiting Pittsburgh Pirates, the Giants look to host the New York Mets for a four game series that will determine whether or not San Francisco has momentum going into Los Angeles. The Mets are struggling alongside the Giants, having lost nine of their last fifteen games. Still, they will be no easy meal. The Giants will face starters Jacob deGrom, Steven Matz, Bortolo Colon and possibly Noah Syndergaard, all of whom are quality starters with strikeout stuff.

The Giants will counter with some quality arms of their own (including Cy Young favorite Madison Bumgarner) but will need some help from the Baseball Gods to get themselves prepared for LA.


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