Los Angeles Rams Prolong the Suspension with Undecided Starting Quarterback

Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams are in for an interesting season. And if their bringing  football back to Los Angeles for the first time in over 20 years wasn’t reason enough for offseason attention, they also picked up rookie quarterback Jared Goff at number one in the draft.

Goff entered the NFL with stellar collegiate statistics from his four years at University of California, Berkeley. His numbers alone placed him in contention for the Rams’ starting quarterback role, and the departure of veteran Nick Foles only improved his chances. Which is why it seems bizarre Rams’ head coach Jeff Fisher openly claims Goff as his franchise quarterback, but hasn’t officially assigned him the starting spot.

So why put off the inevitable?

“I’m asked all the time, ‘Is he going to start the opener?’ I don’t know,” said Fisher. “We drafted him. We traded up to draft him. He’s going to be our franchise quarterback. When he gets under center full-time, I don’t know when that is. And I’m not going to rush him to do it.”

With mere weeks left until start of regular season, Fisher still stands beside his claim to select the best man for the job.

“We have a plan, and that plan is basically all around being patient,” Fisher said. “It’s unfair to Jared and to Case [Keenum] and to Sean [Mannion] to say, ‘OK, here’s the date.’ They are having fun, they are learning when you take the pressure off ’em and be patient. I think after Week 1 we can basically say that all three of them have gotten better. Now we just want to see them improve.”

Goff made his debut during the Rams’ first preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys. He went for four passes in nine attempts for 38 yards and one interception in his first drive. But the Rams ultimately went on to win 28-24.

“He can make every throw on the field, regardless of where it is,” said slot receiver Bradley Marquez on Goff. “That is just something I’ve seen over the last few months from him, so it doesn’t really surprise me or surprise anybody else. He’s been doing it, and he’s going to continue to do it.”



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