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Is Mark Sanchez Really the Clear #1 QB for the Denver Broncos?


It’s insane that a team coming off of a Super Bowl victory, in mid August, still doesn’t know who will be under center for Week 1 of the regular season.

The Broncos seem to believe that they don’t need a star quarterback to defend their title, and instead will rely on their defense. Still, they need somebody.

Gary Kubiak gave Sanchez, Lynch, and Siemian a shot in the first preseason game, and each quarterback had impressive numbers as they combined to go 23/32. Sanchez threw the only touchdown and interception of the night for the Broncos quarterbacks.

According to the Denver Broncos official depth chart, it looks like Lynch will be the odd man out in the competition. The #1 QB position is listed as “6 Mark Sanchez/ 13 Trevor Siemian” with Lynch being in the 3rd position.

Despite the anticipation of him coming in as the starter, Sanchez knows that he has to earn the position. Nothing in the NFL is given, but Sanchez believes that the ball is in his court.

“We’re having a great time, we’ve got a great squad and it’s a great opportunity. I’m just going to keep maximizing every opportunity I get, like I did tonight,” is what Sanchez said on how he is going to hang onto the starting job.

Trevor Siemian has truly come out of nowhere to be in this competition. The 5th round pick in 2015 from Northwestern did not take one snap last season but has been extremely solid throughout camp. Could he sneak up to take the starting job away from Sanchez? Trevor thinks there is a chance.

“I just kind of do what I’ve been doing, stay within myself, and the plays will come,” says the humble Siemian who could possibly lead Denver on a mission to defend their title.

Despite Sanchez’s NFL experience, it doesn’t seem that he has a firm grip on the starting job. These next three preseason games could be Trevor Siemian’s chance to break through and be the top dog under center.

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