Can Mario Gotze Reclaim Dortmund’s Fans?


Mario Gotze could finally be coming home. After spending the last three years at Bayern Munich, Gotze could be returning to Borussia Dortmund, a club he spent eight years at. But, how will his return be taken by long time fans, who felt betrayed when their homegrown star went over to their rival club back in 2009?

Since then, the Dortmund Yellow Wall has not taken kindly to Gotze. They let their hurt by his move known each them he goes back to play at the Westfalenstadion by booing and jeering him. It’ll be hard for fans to accept his possible move back to Dortmund after Gotze explained that he wanted to try to earn his spot at Bayern earlier this summer.

Gotze is now in a tough position. He is on the verge of returning home without a hero’s welcome and must get used to being in the first rotation rather than coming off the bench. If he doesn’t perform well, Gotze’s time back in Dortmund could be cut short as their fans will be unforgiving. He must play well to earn his place back in the hearts of the people in Dortmund.

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