The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly for the New York Giants this Season

New York Giants

The New York Giants have made massive offseason reparations to bring them up to par in 2016. The Giants have missed the playoffs for every season since their last Super Bowl championship of 2011. They went 6-10 in Tom Coughlin’s last two years as head coach, and it’s therefore understandable he was replaced by Ben McAdoo.

And while McAdoo has completely revitalized the Giants’ offense since he came aboard back in 2014, there’s no guarantee he’ll succeed as head coach. He has the tools, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the good, the bad, and the ugly won’t play an interesting role in his first season as the 17th head coach of Big Blue.

The Good

Manager Jerry Reese finally came to terms with the Giants’ painfully subpar defense, and spent big money to pick up the three best defensemen in free agency. Corner back Janoris Jenkins, defensive end Olivier Vernon, and defensive tackle Damon Harrison are expected to add poise and muscle to the defense – one which ranked last in the league for 2015.

Reese also drafted well and has provided quarterback Eli Manning with offensive support for the first time since Victor Cruz went down with a torn patellar tendon back in 2014. Rookie wide receiver Sterling Shepard is already considered a talented look option to offset Odell Beckham Jr. across the field. Under McAdoo, the Giants have been more offensively inclined in comparison to the years under Coughlin. Thankfully McAdoo’s schemes have been generating positive results as the Giants have ranked 7th in the league offensively since he joined.

McAdoo has potential with his new position and talent to have a competitive Giants’ team in 2016.

The Bad

While McAdoo has had enormous success from an offensive coordinator position, there’s no guarantee his coaching style will bring out the best of the Giants. His methods are reportedly more relaxed than that of Coughlin’s but we’ll need to wait until season start to determine if Giants’ management made the right decision promoting him.

Also, the money the franchise spent to pick up defensemen like Vernon and Harrison doesn’t solidify a strong defense. I’d like to think that spending $206 million would bolster the line, but again there’s no guarantee. Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo had success with Big Blue in 2007 where he coached them to their first Super Bowl title under Coughlin. If he can bring his men back to ’07 caliber, there there’s a chance the defense can perform better and rank farther away from the bottom of the league.

The Ugly

The Giants arguably have the talent they’ve been lacking since their last Super Bowl, which means McAdoo’s premiere season needs to be successful. Because he’s not new to the franchise it’s expected he won’t be an absolute train-wreck. But if he allows the Giants to go 6-10 for a third consecutive season, there’s a chance people will begin to question whether or not releasing Coughlin was the best move.

Against all odes to perfect health, Victor Cruz has yet to return from his injury absence of two seasons ago. Cruz was hugely significant to the Giants last 2011 Super Bowl championship, and he was once critical to offensive achievements. Thankfully the Beckham Jr. – Sherpard duo are projected to be top notch come regular season, but there’s no denying the Giants could benefit from their Salsa King in the slot. It’ll be up to McAdoo to put someone in that space who can run an easy route and give Manning the underneath pass option.

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