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Look Out World – Oakland Raiders’ Derek Carr is the Next Brett Favre

Oakland Raiders


The Oakland Raiders have a gem in starting quarterback Derek Carr. Due to Oakland’s recurring mediocrity of the past decade, it’s understandable that Carr’s accolades have flown somewhat under the radar – especially since he’s still so new to the franchise.

But Carr has thrown for 7,257 yards and 53 touchdowns in two years. He’s gone for a 59.6 completion percentage since he joined the Raiders back in 2014, and he’s only expected to improve in the upcoming season.

“[Carr’s] always going to be a gunslinger, and I love that,” said Raiders’ wide receiver Michael Crabtree. “An old, Brett Favre-type quarterback. He reminds me of Brett Favre, [and] Brett Favre’s one of the greatest players to ever play this game.”

And while Carr may wear number four in honor of Brett Favre, there are a few factors that will determine Carr’s success – maybe even earn him a reputation like Favre’s in the future if he can prove himself.

The Raiders’ offense ranked 24th in the league last year, going for 91 receiving yards and 22 points per game with rookie wide receiver Amari Cooper and Crabtree as the only reliable look options.

Offseason additions of offensive weapons like wide receivers Marvin Hall and Nathan Palmer are expected to help Carr improve his numbers in 2016. With Hall entering his rookie season and Palmer playing for the first time since his year with the Indianapolis Colts back in 2012, it’s expected that Carr will shape them into the reliable talent he needs.

Take Cooper for example – in his rookie season in the NFL he went for 1,070 yards in 72 receptions for six touchdowns. The Cooper-Carr duo brought some credibility back to Oakland, and it’s expected that it will only grow stronger in 2016, especially with proper support.

“I think he’s a little more polished,” said Brett Favre of Carr’s talent. “And I mean that with all due respect. I think he’s done a tremendous job in Oakland. I like the way he plays. I think he’s a little more polished. I like to watch him. A good player.”


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