Battle for the Bay – Bad Luck for the San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants’ rotation has been ravaged by injury since the beginning of June. And while this is arguably the best time in the season to succumb to injury rather than later on, the Giants have suffered a few easy losses as a result.

Hunter Pence, Matt Duffy and Joe Panik are easily the biggest losses to the Giants lineup. Thankfully manager Bruce Bochy has done a decent job of filling these positions until his regulars return. Players like Conor Gillaspie, Jarrett Parker, and Mac Williamson have become regular faces in the lineup.

But the current Bay Bridge Series between the Giants and their Northern California rival Oakland A’s has been throwing the Giants’ injuries into sharp relief.

Game one at AT&T Park left the Giants down and out with an 8-5 loss to right-hander Jeff Samardzija.

Game two looked promising from the get-go, even with Albert Suarez on the mound in substitute for Matt Cain.

But Gillaspie’s badly played blooper ball at third base “opened the flood gates” and allowed the A’s 12 runs after the fifth inning. The Giants lost 13-11.

“Tough time to make an error,” said Bochy on Gillaspie. “If we could make that play we’re up. It opened up the flood gates a bit there. But that’s our deal. Pitch well catch the ball and try to keep it close. Our defense hasn’t quite been as sharp. You know when you’re missing some guys that’s probably going to be the case but I think Conor’s doing a great job.

“He had some big hits and occasionally you’re going to make errors and hopefully you can overcome them. What hurt in that inning we compounded the damage by walking some guys.”

The Giants still hold the top of the NL West by six games as the Bay Bridge Series continues from the Oakland Coliseum. Maybe a change in stadium can bring out the best in the Giants for the next two games – either way there’s no denying the Giants need their regulars back.

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