Nelson Agholor Accused of Sexual Assault in Philadelphia

Nelson Agholor #17 of the Philadelphia Eagles reacts after dropping a catch in the endzone against the Washington Redskins on December 26, 2015 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

A member of the Philadelphia Eagles is currently facing allegations of a sexual assault that occurred in a strip club in South Philadelphia on Thursday afternoon. The Philadelphia police department acknowledged that a member of  the team was the focus of the investigation, but didn’t say who it was.

The identity of the player was not revealed until Philadelphia Magazine broke the news that Nelson Agholor, second year wide receiver out of the University of Southern California, is the player being accused of the assault.

Agholor visited the establishment, which is called Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club, with two teammates at around three o’clock in the afternoon on Thursday. The other two members of the Eagles that were present at the time of the incident were defensive ends, Connor Barwin and Fletcher Cox. It’s believed that the three players went to the club following their final spring practice of the year.

A dancer at the club told police that she was raped inside the club that afternoon, but Agholor’s lawyer, Forunato Perri Jr. stated that he believes his client is innocent, “Nelson has not engaged in any criminal conduct. We’re confident that he will not be charged with a crime.”

It’s difficult to imagine a worse time that these allegations could’ve came out for both the Eagles’ organization and Agholor himself. With the entire nation captivated and disgusted with the sexual assault case of former Stanford University swimmer, Brock Turner, Agholor’s reputation is going to be tarnished even if it comes out that he is innocent.

The NFL has had more than their fair share of issues regarding violence toward women in the past few years, and this incident will just add to that list. In the world we live in, crimes like this don’t get swept under the carpet like they used to. Athletes are now held more accountable than they ever were because information is shared so easily and so rapidly.

A spokesman for the team commented on the situation, “The organization has been in contact with Nelson and with the proper authorities in Philadelphia. Because of the legal nature of this matter, we will have no further comment.”

It will be interesting to see where this case goes, and if Agholor turns out to be innocent.

If it ends up getting settled outside of court, and the charges get dropped, the wide receiver may still lose some playing time through a suspension. Roger Goodell will attempt to do anything he can to maintain the image of his league, and he has been pretty open to doling out suspensions in the past few years.

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