L.A. Rams Sign Rookie Quarterback Jared Goff to Four-Year $27.9 Million Contract

The Los Angeles Rams went 7-9 last year, which was both a blessing and a curse to the franchise. The blessing side of things is the fact that their painfully mediocre season record ensured them the first overall pick in the 2016 draft. The curse indicates the fact that the Rams haven’t been considered an impact team within the NFC West for the better part of the past decade, as their best season record in the past ten years was 8-8 in 2006.

But it was announced Thursday June 9th that the Rams signed rookie quarterback and first round draft pick Jared Goff to a four-year $27.9 million contract. Goff has huge potential to bring the Rams back to the competitive caliber for which they were once known.

“Jared saw a couple things out here that he hadn’t seen before, and the ball ends up in the defensive players’ hands,” said Rams’ head coach Jeff Fischer. “The best thing … was he walks in the huddle and goes, ‘Hey, that was on me. Let’s go to the next play and we’ll go on.’ He doesn’t dwell on things.”

Goff was easily the best quarterback in this seasons’ draft, as he went for collegiate statistics like 12,195 yards in 977 completions for 96 touchdowns in his three years with University of California, Berkeley.

The Rams have struggled with their quarterback position since the Marc Bulger days of the early 2000s, as their previous starting quarterback Nick Foles only managed 2,052 yards and seven touchdowns in 11 games for the 2015 season, while their former quarterback Sam Bradford’s constant run-ins with injury prevented him from fully carrying the team.

Goff’s skill and age have huge potential to revitalize the Rams’ franchise – he’s young, capable, and ready to prove himself. If he can quickly adjust to the pace of the NFL, the Rams may instantly reap the benefits of their new quarterback.

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