Golden State Warriors Blow Out Cleveland Cavaliers in Game Two of NBA Finals

Two games into the NBA Finals, and the Golden State Warriors can do no wrong. They lead the series 2-0 after their blowout win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday June 5th. Because of the Cavaliers’ total health, it was highly expected the last seven games of the 2015-16 season would be cutthroat, similar to the series the Warriors had against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

But so far the playoffs look like a repeat of last season where the Warriors went 4-2 over the Cavaliers to secure their first championship title in 40 years. The Warriors need two more wins in order to claim their second consecutive title.

“When you’re playing against a great team like this you can’t really figure them out,” said Warriors’ Draymond Green postgame. “I think it’s their intensity and focus level that we watched in the game. If we come out focused and locked in, then you’re able to do something like this. You can’t figure a team like this out, they’re too good for that.”

But the Warriors have definitely figured something out since game one. In their last few matchups against the Cavaliers, the Warriors have held them to just 38% shooting. Powerhouse small forward LeBron James has been held to just 42 points, 17 rebounds, and 21 assists since game one, while the Warriors’ bench has been dominating the court.

“Offensively and defensively, physically and mentally they just beat us…we didn’t win anything,” said James postgame. “At no point in the game did we beat them at anything. We had an early lead and they beat us to 50/50 balls. They got extra possessions, they got extra tip-ins. They beat us pretty good tonight.”

Thankfully for Cleveland, they have home-court advantage in the next two games, as the series relocates to Quicken Loans Arena. If the Cavaliers have any chance of preventing history from repeating itself, they’ll need to change up their strategy by being quicker on the ball, and more accurate from the field. The Cavaliers can still have all the tools to make this years’ NBA Finals a nail-biting series, let’s see if they can pull it off.


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