Oklahoma City Thunder Return the Favor in Blowout Win Over Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors looked threatening to dominate the series in game two of the Western Conference Finals, where they beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 118-91 on Wednesday May 18th. But Sunday night’s matchup proved the series is far from claimed, as the Thunder earned their own blowout 133-105 win over the Warriors and now lead the series 2-1.

Naturally the first quarter and a half was anyone’s game, but the power shift in favor of the Thunder arguable occurred after Warriors’ Draymond Green was called for a flagrant foul on Steven Adams. The Thunder went on to score 24 points while the Warriors only managed five, and the point deficit didn’t sway in the favor of the Warriors for the remainder of the game. In fact, the Warriors actually trailed by a whopping 41 points in the third – their largest deficit of the season.

“That was pretty bad,” said Green postgame. “It was really a seven-minute stretch where the game was right there and then we went ice on the basketball again and everything went bad…we just gotta be better…I gotta be better.”

Warriors’ subpar defensive performance aside, the Thunder truly demonstrated their athleticism on Sunday night, especially Kevin Durant who went for 10-15 shooting and 33 points, while Russell Westbrook managed eight rebounds and 12 assists for 30 points. Players like Dion Waiters and Andre Roberson also had notable games, where they each contributed 13 points.

“We just went out there and had fun with the game,” said Durant postgame. “We played with passion and we just played extremely hard…we kept playing with pace and we rebounded the basketball better than we did last game.”

Again, the series is far from over – in fact, it’s possibly just heating up. Game four is scheduled for Tuesday May 24th in Oklahoma City and there’s all reason to expect it will be a tough battle as the Warriors look to re-even the series.

“Their offense didn’t allow our defense to get set,” said Warriors’ Steph Curry postgame. “We took a lot of quick shots that didn’t go in and gave them that advantage in transition. We didn’t handle their runs very well because of that so we gotta figure out why we weren’t that good on a defensive end. There’s always next game.”

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