The New Jersey Devils Have Pulled Off the Greatest April Fool’s Joke in NHL History

The New Jersey Devils may have pulled off the greatest prank in NHL April Fool's Day history. Photo courtesy of

“The New Jersey Angels.”

This new team name graced Facebook newsfeeds, Twitter feeds and even more social media. The New Jersey Devils claimed that they were changing the name of their franchise Friday, from the Devils to the Angels.

“In an effort to focus on our organization’s mission of creating a family-friendly environment, in our state and in our arena, we have elected to change our franchise name to the New Jersey Angels,” Devils President Hugh Webers said in the team’s press release.

The team even went on to reveal new uniforms and a new logo, and as many were fooled that it was in fact a real name changed, the general public came to their senses and remembered the date.

Despite the fact that everyone now knows about the gag, the Devils went all out. They prepared jerseys, t-shirts, merchandise, a logo, a new website, Twitter handle and even a press release to fool the world. This team went further with this prank than anyone could have imagined.

Here’s a look at the team’s jerseys, if they were to become the New Jersey Angels.

The new logo now features wings, a halo and no devil tail at the end of the “NJ.” When you get a close look at the “merchandise” you see that it redirects you to a legitimate photo.

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The team even went as far to display models of the players in the new jerseys, standing on the newly-surfaced ice with the new logo.

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“Get ready for #RicoWings next season,” Adam Henrique said in a tweet. “Can’t wait to rock these sick New Jersey Angels sweaters! #AngelsAreReal.”

The entire team got in on it, and so did the organization. Weber tweeted a picture of his new Angels-themed business cards, and Prudential Center even tweeted how it was excited to “soar” into the future with the Devils.

The team has yet to say “April Fools,” but they deserve to ride it out a few more hours. This was the best prank yet.


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