Hunter Pence Returns to San Francisco Giants’ Spring Training Lineup

San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants have been in the spotlight from their newly-stacked pitching rotation since offseason. And while it is safe to suggest that the Giants’ have one of the deadliest rotations with veteran talent like Madison Bumgarner and Jake Peavy, and new additions like Johnny Cueto and Jeff Samardzija, we can’t forget that the Giants are a wholesome team with talent distributed equally across the board.

However, the Giants have also been susceptible to minor injuries throughout spring training, particularly veteran outfielder Hunter Pence, who was diagnosed with Achilles inflammation back on Mar. 1st.  Thankfully he’s made a fully and speedy recover, as Pence has been a contributing factor to the Giants since he joined the team back in 2012.

“To me it’s special to go out and play,” said Pence postgame “I waited a long time. I got to move around a little bit and I got a lot of enthusiasm from the fans. I had to be careful because I was a little over-amped. It was pretty cool. I thought I had two good at bats, I worked deep counts and only swung at good pitches. I felt comfortable at the plate.”

In his four years in San Francisco, Pence has earned two World Series championship titles of 2012 and 2014, and has also accumulated career statistics like 58 homeruns, 213 RBIs, and 415 hits. However, his 2015 season was tarnished by injury, as he was only able to complete 52 in the entire season, which is why his short-lived injury is a huge comfort to Giants’ players and fans alike as we approach regular season.

Even though the Giants’ ultimately lost the game to the Seattle Mariners, Pence went one for two, which included a two-run homer in his second at bat of the preseason.

“He was so excited, there was no holding him back,” said Giants’ general manager Bruce Bochy on Pence. “He was amped up to get back in there.”

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