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Brock Osweiler Signs $72M Four-Year Deal with Houston Texans

Denver Broncos

The defending Super Bowl Champions Denver Broncos are suddenly in dire need of a starting quarterback if they hope to defend their title in the upcoming season. After winning Super Bowl 50, it was highly expected that MVP starting quarterback Peyton Manning would retire. However, it was almost equally as expected that backup quarterback Brock Osweiler would step up in Manning’s stead, just as he did last season.

But it seems Osweiler has other plans for his NFL future, as it was announced Mar. 9th that he signed a four-year $72 million contract with the Houston Texans, who are scheduled to play the Broncos at home in 2016.

In his seven starting games of last season, Osweiler managed to win four of them, alongside earning statists like 170 completions in 275 attemtps for a total 1,967 yards, ten touchdowns and six interceptions.

Considering how well he filled in for Manning last season, there’s no denying that Broncos’ general manager John Elway considered pushing Osweiler up to starting quarterback, especially because Osweiler had the opportunity to observe an NFL great like Manning since the beginning of his professional career.

“While we did offer a very competitive and fair long-term contract to Brock, we ultimately had to remain disciplined while continuing to assemble a roster that can compete for championships,” said Elway. “We’ve stayed true to our philosophy of building a team with players who want to be Denver Broncos and want to be here. That’s been a successful approach for us.”

With Osweiler officially gone, the Broncos only quarterback on the roster is Trevor Siemian, the Broncos’ seventh-round draft pick from last season. While Siemian has yet to actually start regular season game, he did step in during preseason last year, where he went 23 of 40 for 283 yards, two touchdowns and an interception.

However, it would be hugely shocking if Elway opted to use Siemian as starting quarterback – in fact the chances of that happening are extremely slim. Needless to say, Elway will need to work tirelessly in the offseason to find a capable quarterback to lead these defending champions in the 2016 season.

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