College Hoops is Unpredictable in Light of Recent Events

Villanova is currently ranked number one and Kansas, which won its last two against top 10 opponents, jumped all the way from six to two.

The Villanova Wildcats are one of six teams to be No. 1 for two weeks and they have joined a group headlined by Oklahoma (now at No. 3) and Kansas (now at No. 2). Other teams that have been ranked No. 1 include North Carolina, Michigan State, and Kentucky in addition to Oklahoma and Kansas.

There were eight upsets of ranked teams by unranked teams this Saturday, further muddying the waters of the ranking system.

No one really understands the ranking system to begin with so this only makes things more ambiguous. For instance, unranked Duke beat 7 Virginia this weekend and while Duke is now ranked (at 20), Virginia hasn’t moved and is steadfastly seven.

It seems that only Joe Lunardi knows the true ways of the bracket and of the ranking system.

Other teams in the top ten include Maryland (who was second and now moves to sixth), North Carolina (jumping four places to fifth), and Virginia who, as was mentioned, is ranked seventh.

Newcomers include Notre Dame and Indiana who replace Texas A&M and Wichita State.

There is very little discrepancy between Iowa and North Carolina, a mere six votes separate the two teams where Iowa (ranked fourth) has 1349 and North Carolina has 1343.

Though there is much malleability in the ranking system, many would agree with where teams are at now. Within the next week though, that could drastically change.

The parity in the college basketball ranking system is extreme and good teams have an expiration date unlike elite teams in past years that remained number one for a long period of time (thinking back to Kentucky of last year). Now No. 1 teams especially have a shelf life.

Joe Lunardi shed some light in a rankings-related video.

“It’s almost better not to be ranked,” Lunardi said.

Another team that seemed like they had a shelf life this weekend, or a shortly lasting ranking were Maryland, who lost to unranked Wisconsin.

“I want to give Wisconsin a ton of credit. Man, were they good tonight,” coach Mark Turgeon said. “They were dialed in from the beginning. They were quicker. They were more physical. Coach Greg Gard has done an unbelievable job with this team. When I shook his hand at their place, I knew they were on the right track. And they were terrific tonight.

Luckily Maryland only dropped from second to sixth.

And more about Duke’s big win over Virginia, catapulting them back into the rankings.

“The basketball gods were good,” Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski said

Virginia might beg to differ but Coach K always gets the last word.

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