Chicago Blackhawks’ Jonathan Toews is the Best NHL Captain

Chicago Blackhawks Andrew Shaw, back left, celebrates with Jonathan Toews (19) after scoring a goal in the first against the Nashville Predators in an NHL hockey game Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016, in Chicago. Chicago won 3-2. (Gilbert R. Boucher II/Daily Herald via AP)

What’s in a captain? Is it always the star player of the team? Is it the MVP, or the leading goal scorer? Does it matter how old they are? Not necessarily.

A captain is a player who exemplifies talent and skill not he ice, but that’s not even the most important part. What matters is that the captain is mature, likable and a strong, positive force in the locker room. They know how to lead a team and they never give up. They are the ones who drive the team to victory, and even when times are tough, they don’t stop playing until the buzzer.

Jonathan Toews is an example of a true captain, and he is one of the best, if not the best, in the National Hockey League.

He’s not only a skilled player, though his 19 goals in the season is the 12-best in the league. He is a playmaker, but a leader first. He was one of the youngest captains in the NHL to win a Stanley Cup, and now, he has three to his name in just five years.

“I think that speaks for itself and how good of a career Johnny has had to date,” teammate Patrick Kane. “We are lucky and fortunate to have Jonny on our side.”

As for Toews, he just hopes to keep playing to his full potential and leading his team to another Cup Championship. He loves Chicago and his team, as well as the fans who he won the Cup for last year.

“We wanted it – for each other and for the city,” Toews said. “In so many ways, winning a championship like this in your own city, it’s amazing. You can feel the energy in here. It doesn’t get any better.”

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