The New York Yankees’ Solution to its Starting Pitching Rotation

Brian Cashman trading for Aroldis Chapman leaves the Yankees with three dominant relievers in Chapman, Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller.

With Chapman now in the fold, the potential for a trade of Dellin Betances or Andrew Miller has risen. Betances is young and still hasn’t reached his ceiling and Miller carries a high salary, is older and has solid trade value. Amid rumors,  “…our intent is to retain all three players,” Cashman has stated.

In the outfield, the Yankees have high priced veterans and the one with the strongest current trade value is Brett Gardner. With the acquisition of former Minnesota Twins outfielder Aaron Hicks, the Yankees can afford to trade one of these veterans.

Andrew Miller and Brett Gardner have been surrounded with trade rumors all offseason and the Yankees have a major need for a starting pitcher. Cashman has still stated, “Again, our intent is to try to keep all parties,” in regard to these two players.

A dominant starting pitcher in Queens who may out price his current team, the New York Mets, with his next contract extension is Matt Harvey.

The Mets could use another bat and a strong arm in the bullpen to go along with its current strong starting rotation and the two players who can fit this needs are Brett Gardner and Andrew Miller.

While cross town rivals, Brian Cashman and Sandy Alderson should be in contact to discuss a swap of Andrew Miller, Brett Gardner and a few minor league prospects for Matt Harvey.

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