Should Derek Carr Be The Oakland Raiders' Starter?

There was no stopping Derek Carr — the Raiders’ rookie looked like he was back at Fresno State dicing up defenses from the Pac-12

Derek Carr showed the Radiers what he's capable of.

Derek Carr showed the Raiders what he’s capable of.

There was no stopping Derek Carr on Thursday night — the Raiders’ rookie looked like he was back at Fresno State dicing up defenses from the Pac-12. Carr shredded the Seahawks, converting four consecutive drives for touchdowns. He finished the night 11-for-13 for 143 yards with three touchdowns.

Matt who? Whose elbow was hurt?

Carr displayed comfort in the pocket. He threw rockets and balls with touch. He found receivers’ back shoulders and he found the back of the end zone. It was easy football for Carr — it was just the way the Raiders hoped it would go.

Schaub? Matt Schaub? Never heard of him. Oh wait, the guy who threw a record setting number of pick 6s? That Matt Schaub?

Everyone deserves a second chance. Football is about supporting casts, so the blame never falls on one person. Mark Sanchez deserves a second chance. So does Schaub. But at the end of the day, the best player needs to play. Carr is making a good case of why he’s the best player.

But it wasn’t enough. The starting job is still Schaub’s to lose. With a player like Carr — or Johnny Manziel — it would be hurry up and wait. The players and the franchise need to develop. If you throw an underdeveloped quarterback into and underdeveloped offense, then the result will be Blaine Gabbert. Carr can light it up against the Seahawks second-stringers for week 4 of preseason — when nothing matters. But can he light up 13 different defenses over the course of 16 weeks? Can he light up the same defense two times in a season? He’s not ready for that. More importantly, the Raiders offense isn’t ready for that.

Throw Matt Schaub into the fold. See what happens. Over the course of the season, hopefully he’ll get the engine revving for Carr. If that happens, all he has to do is get behind the driver seat and go.

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