Andre Johnson's Disgruntled, but a Departure to New England Might Appease Him

Although he hasn’t come out and said it, Andre Johnson clearly wants out of Houston. Enduring an atrocious 2-14 season last year, Johnson’s patience is wearing thin, but a shift from Case Keenum’s go-to wideout to Tom Brady’s may turn his frown upside down.

Texans' wideout Andre Johnson could form dynamic duo with Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady - Mandatory Credit: Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Texans’ wideout Andre Johnson could form dynamic duo with Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady – Mandatory Credit: Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Anybody remember how dominant the New England Patriots were when Tom Brady was chucking it up to Randy Moss? Yeah, me too.

Since, New England has made valiant efforts to replace the freakish deep threat with various wideouts: Danny Amendola, Brandon Lloyd, heck even Chad Johnson got a tryout. However, to no avail.

Fellow H4TV writer, Hal Bent, recently wrote a piece dedicated to how much the Pats’ wideouts mean to their Super Bowl odds. Although New England has brought back Julian Edelman, will unleash Aaron Dobson, and added former Carolina Panthers’ receiver Brandon Lafell, the Pats don’t possess a go-to monster Moss once was.

The Pats’ brass has always been one to make subtle, surprising moves, and something tells me they may appear to be in line to dazzle league front offices nationwide. Let’s put two-and-two together, Brady is getting old, their receiver corps is mediocre at best, and New England’s urgency to capture another ring before Tom’s out the door has to be jostling in their minds.

Back in February, rumors circulated that the Patriots were attempting to nab Larry Fitzgerald from Arizona, however, it turned out to just be gossip. Wait, was it though? Or was it talks that just never came to fruition? Or maybe, New England recognizes their current iffy receiving unit, and is still actively seeking a dynamic ball-beast. One that might not cost them a lot, and whose already established.

Well, they got this guy down in Houston by the name of Andre Johnson – he’s pretty good, I don’t know if you’ve heard of him.

Johnson, 32, is unhappy being a Texan. So irritated, that he’s opted to not attend offseason workouts – which he threw away a $1 million roster bonus because he didn’t – and potentially could be awol come mandatory minicamp. In May was when Johnson first expressed his frustration, stating how he’s only visited the playoffs twice, and that the whole offseason was on his nerves.

Clearly, any player who comes off a season where their team garners the No. 1 overall pick in the draft would be as flustered as Johnson is. And with an unproven quarterback set to gain starting privileges in Houston for this upcoming season, Johnson’s arguably already predicting what the season’s going to look like. But what startles me, is that Houston isn’t even considering dealing him – at least from what we know.

Johnson’s meant so much to a franchise whose been alive for all of 12 seasons, and because he seeks a championship elsewhere, they’re going to deny him that ultimatum? What happens when he just quits football? What then? It’s like the Minnesota Timberwolves and Kevin Love situation. The organization knows Love’s not re-signing with them after next season, yet they remain adamant about not sending him off.

Does Houston understand they were the worst team in the league last year? As of right now, they need all the rebuilding pieces they can get. And if Johnson’s dealt, they can acquire significant talent/picks in return. The man’s not going to be in the game forever, and he’s injured more often than not. So, why not just part ways? I recognize how imperative he is to Houston’s team, but who’s throwing him the ball? Ryan Fitzpatrick? Case Keenum? Please.

Here’s my proposal: New England surrenders Dobson, Kenbrell Thompkins, and a first and third-round selections in 2015 for Johnson. You’re telling me that if your Houston you wouldn’t take that? For New England, it’s win-now mode. They’ll forfeit those pieces to get Johnson. No doubt.

Only question that remains is will Houston ultimately go through with it? Probably not. But they should.

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